Day 5. Last day of my running week.

Sleep: Went asleep quite late, after 11PM, but woke up at 5:47 without much problems. Shoes were waiting for me again next to my bed as recommended cue by many runners. Great post about cue-routine-reward cycle in here: how to make running a habit. What is very good, at this point the fear of not making it next day is totally gone. Even tough I went to bed quite late yesterday  I was totally confident in make in next day.  I guess partially due to confidence that grows in me but I guess the biggest factor is that I know it is last day and then I final rest. But let’s see how that goes later, as it cannot be always that easy I am pretty sure. Continue reading “KEEP THE PACE, KEEP THE BLOG”


Day 4.

Sleep: Went to bed a bit later yesterday, at 11PM, but slept very good. Did not wake up even once. Alarm goes off again at 5:47 and I almost immediately wake up, but somehow feeling lazy and slow today. I dress myself and again put pain-relieving cream on. Until I am out it is almost 6. Continue reading “LISTEN TO YOUR BODY”


Third day. Pain is almost gone. But it did not go away its on own, no no no. Yesterday on my way to work I stopped at the pharma shop and described my state. As always professionalism of Swiss people did not disappoint me. Gentlemen asked me few questions, and recommended cream for pain to go and also Magnesium to drink. Also asked me if I make any warm up before my run. Ashamely  the answer was no. The moment I went to office I put the cream on, a bit etheric smell so warned my office colleagues. I also drunk Magnesium. Some time later I was much better.  Good really good. Continue reading “IT WILL BE BETTER”


So on the second day I have an answer to yesterday’s question. First day was easy, at least comparing to second. Let me briefly summarise it.

Sleep:  Again going to bed around 1o PM, shortly after my Skype German lesson (will write about it one day). Could not fell asleep, due to persisting pain in my legs. Once I did, was waking up frequently through the nighty, constantly thinking that I overslept, and failed on the second day only. Brrrr. Alarm goes off again at 5:47. Sound of Sleep Cycle makes it still easier to wake up. Feel pain in legs the moment I wake up. Thinking how will I make it throughout the day, a specially that there is another run ahead of me, which I don’t think will make pain go away, but rather strengthen it. But off we go, out same as yesterday 5:53. Continue reading “PAIN AND WEAKNESS”


Today is a first day of my 30habit run (30 days of being consistence with something one decided – my humble definition :)) meaning I promise myself I will wake up every  weekday early in the morning and go running. Will I make it?

Sleep:  I went to bed around quarter past 10 PM. Did not immediately felt asleep, took me I guess around 45min. Was thinking too much if I will make it next day. I put my alarm to wake me up at 5:50. Reason I was worried mostly if I make it as recently did no sleep very well (probably due to high temperatures) turning from left to right. Since I was on Holiday for 2 last weeks it was not that much problem as I was waking up at 9:30, but now 5:50 and running? Anyway when I finally felts asleep it was going really well until 2 o’clock when some stubborn mosquito decided to run straight through my ear!! And imagine I can’t remember any mosquito chasing me in my house for months. There was no other option for him but cruel death. I put light on and chased bustard. Luckily successful. Don’t you dare to mess up with me mosquitos out there a specially on the first day of my 30habit run. Anyway I think it took me around 30 min to felt a sleep again, and it was not because of guild feeling for mosquito. Perspective of still waking up at 5:50 becoming more and more of the challenge.

Continue reading “START DAY”

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