Week 2


I am rather practical guy that likes to see things done. Was never much into theories. At the same time my wife often calls me philosopher and I fully relate to that :). But being philosophical for me is also very practical, as in my philosophical speeches I give, I rather talk about observations, try to describe how things work and what are the underneath rules/lows that are effecting my daily life. So today being into philosophical mood here is what I figure out while running.

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This is a second week of my 30habit for running and early waking up. Last week was challengeable, yet successful. This is also a second week of running this blog. Still try to find a right way for writing in here. Last week I was writing in 3 blocks format (Summary, Sleep, Run/Thoughts) but think I need to shift a bit into less journal style or at least make a bit less structured.  Let’s agree that I will write about sleep/waking up only if I fail there or will have some interesting challenge/observation.  So default is: I made it at 5:47. Let’s see how that goes. Continue reading “WEEK 2, SLOWER”

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