As mentioned before one of my worries with regards to move to Stäfa was running. Actually there I had two worries on subject of running. First one was if I run, I already dealt with that in “I survived” post. Second was where would I run. Stäfa is a town versus my last place which was very rural. It was not a big worry, all in all I guess many of you run even in big cities. However used to more landscaping runnning that was a bit of strangle. I knew I am at the lake, but from my place to go down is already some distance, plus there is really big road along the lake and very often you don’t really see the lake there as there are private villas along it. Btw not that far from my town, also along the lake lives Tina Turner :). Anyway I first day I decided just to give a random try. Left home and took left. I was running along some main street for about 1km and then notice some nice path off the main road, took the invitation and turned. After about 400m I was astonished, I was up the hill, along beautiful vineyards, with absolutely brilliant view on whole lake and mountains. See below pictures I took: