I am writing this with some delay. Life is still intense so don’t have that much time for blogging at the moment. But it does not mean I don’t have time for running! So yes I made it, I made it, I made it. On Monday I finished my last day of my 30 days commitment to running and early waking up. I was soooo extremely happy, I kept the word to myself. Over period of one month I run every day from Monday to Friday before going to office. Most of the days before 6am. I did that also even tough I was moving during second half of hat period. Did not skip a single day, even one when I went a sleep at 2am, right after I finished cleaning my cellar in old apartment.

I made totally 133km, lost 3kg and feel so much better! All of that is really a life achievement for me, so feel like that kid on the picture. Running rocks! And running in the morning rocks even more ;).