September 2015

I made it, I made it!!!

I am writing this with some delay. Life is still intense so don’t have that much time for blogging at the moment. But it does not mean I don’t have time for running! So yes I made it, I made it, I made it. On Monday I finished my last day of my 30 days commitment to running and early waking up. I was soooo extremely happy, I kept the word to myself. Continue reading “I made it, I made it!!!”

Running in Stäfa

As mentioned before one of my worries with regards to move to Stäfa was running. Actually there I had two worries on subject of running. First one was if I run, I already dealt with that in “I survived” post. Second was where would I run. Stäfa is a town versus my last place which was very rural. It was not a big worry, all in all I guess many of you run even in big cities. However used to more landscaping runnning that was a bit of strangle. Continue reading “Running in Stäfa”

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