So much things happened over last week that I don’t know where to start. Maybe will split that into sections:

Move: I am now in a new place, Stäfa, beautiful town at Zurich lake. Last week was a real challenge. We moved on Monday, since then every day after work I kept on bringing our stuff from old apartment to new, so even tough we sleep in a new place, the move itself is far from being finished. That is really tiring

Zuzanne’s school: As I wrote on Monday Zuzanna started first class in a new place. Monday was very good, Tuesday was a drama. She said she does not like the teacher, she does not like the school, she does not want to go there anymore. My really hearts breaks when I see here suffering and feeling insecure. Together with my wife we try to give her as much support as we can, but mostly we know is her fight. We won’t make friend for her, and we won’t got to school instead of her. Wednesday much better she came happy, and said she enjoyed, afternoon she is back in “I don’t want to go there” mood. Not easy, really not easy. Just hope she will eventually fully enjoy it.

Maksymilan nursery: Maksymilian is going to kindergarten next year, here is Switzerland it is mandatory. We want to prepare him for that when it comes to German language so we sent him to sort of playgroup (Spielgruppe). It is 2 times a week 4 hours. We agreed that I would stay with him and leave after some time. He said surely. But surely that did not happen :). I could not even go to toilet without him. Also thought. Next day Monika went with him, same story :). But he really enjoys it there, which is great, just need mummy or daddy around.

Running/perseverance: What is great is that I survived all this hassle not skipping even single run. Woke up every single day, only on Thursday a bit later 6:25. And it is really incredible as I could see that running really helped me a lot during this time. Strangely I felt rested and in the good shape even thought all my last week days were divided into three shifts: running, work, move. There is really something strange happening, I start to love running, literally love this morning time. And our new place in Stäfa is just great. I was a bit worrying where would I run, as Stäfa is more a town versus our previous place was very rural. On the first day I just randomly took some direction, and after around 1.4km found incredible place. For details see my next post (coming soon) where I describe it. In short I tell you that I noticed two things in this crazy move time. First: Perseverance is the key. Second: Running/waking up is not really a body effort, or not mostly but rather it is a mind effort. As in my mind every day there was a total committed and confidence that I have to run no matter what. Body somehow just submitted to that. It is really interesting observation. So I press on. Last week of my commitment is ahead of me.