I have 2 weeks behind me. This week I increased my distance. I said that I would do it if I go regularly below 45min. Last 4 days I did, however, 2 our of 4 were really on the border, close to 45.  Well I did not say how much below I would go, so I run 6.6km today. Overall I feel good, but this week won’t be easy as I am moving out, starting from today. Will I make it? I have to!

Also over the weekend I signed up to first in my life run race – http://www.markusryffels.ch/de/internationalergreifenseelauf. Yupi! It is going to 5,5km run around Greifensee lake. Takes place on 19 September, so still some time. Place that I know well, very close to where I live. There is also an option for 10k and half a marathon, but that has to wait. Still thinking what is a goal there in terms of time. 35min? My best was now 40min on MAF. Hmm not sure, need time to decide.

Other then that, today is a first day of my daughter’s school. But really first of the firsts, as she is starting first grade. I am amazingly proud of her, as she starts in totally new place where she does not know anyone yet. Here is Switzerland normally you go to school with kids that you know from kindergarten. In her case it is not so because as I mentioned we are moving to new place today. Good luck Suzi!

Actually just realised that it was my last run in my old place, tomorrow I start in Stäfa. Will be missing my current place when it comes to running, as it is very rural and have great views in the morning. Stäfa is more a town, still small but a town. Need to figure out how I run there. Wish me luck.