Second week of my commitment is about to finish. One day left. Today my toughts are on habits. I committed myself to 30 days of early waking up and running. Obviously I plan to go beyond that as I want that to be part of my daily life, just hope that it will be more habitual afterwords. Of course I don’t believe 30 days is some sort of magic number, after which I will turn into no longer conscious Zombie that wakes up and says “Ruuuuning, Ruuuuning”, but I had to start somewhere and one month somehow made sense to be.

Anyway what I wanted to talk about today is not my commitment, but some good things that I noticed I started doing along that, which might at some point turn into habits that will surely enrich my life. That is what I hope. So below is the list:

  1. Eating breakfast – so far I rarely ate breakfast, which is surely very unhealthy. Since I started, I do it regularly. It is not yet I don’t now how reach, but I eat at least banana and yogurt. I did not really plan to do it, but after run I am obviously already fully awake  and therefore immediately feel hunger.
  2. Limiting my coffees to two – So far I drunk 4-6 coffees a day, mostly Latte Macchiatto. Not like breakfast it was more conscious decision to limit that to two for two reasons. Reason 1: Since I run I hope also to get more fit and lose some weight, I guess milk does not really makes you fat, but replacing that with water might help, as least a bit. Especially that I it was not really milk but coffee with milk, hmm or maybe other way round. Reason 2: I run using MAF method which is all about heart rate. Surely 6 coffees have an effect on my heart rate.
  3. Preparing myself day before – I never really prepared myself in the evening for the next day. I don’t have to show up in the office at the fixed time, so I just do it in the morning. Now I do it everyday, so that I don’t wake up my family trying to find my running socks. One might say, what’s the point in here. Well the point in here is discipline myself more.
  4. Keeping my stress level at low – In one of my post I mentioned that author of MAF method Phil Maffetone says that stress my slow down your progress or even stop it. Since I started I am much more aware of that and try to avoid stress at work whenever it is possible. I am aware that you can’t reduce stress to zero, especially working as Software Engineer in the bank :). But from my experience I can tell then I had a lot of stressful situations that I could easily avoid, only if I am more concise about it.
  5. Writing  – By writing I mean this blog. But not that having blog I see as good habit, but putting my thoughts together definitely yes. I already had some really good observations regarding my life while posting to this blog.
  6. Eating better – I now think twice before I select something in office cantine, no I did now turn into healthy only eater and I think I don’t intend to, but surely fries are no-go, hmmmm, ok, maybe once in a while ;). Hey, there has to be some reward:)
  7. Drinking water – That drinking water is healthy and a must I don’t have to tell you. Did I do it in the past: nooooo. Do I do it now: yeeeees.
  8. Not staying up late – It is habitual for me to stay up late. Now since I know I need to wake up early next day I go to bed latest 11PM. Also I stopped blindly googling before my sleep.

That would be it, if I reminder myself about something else, will add it to the list. Looks quite impressive doesn’t it? Maybe for some of you these are pennants. Well I say if they are you already have good habits. I just try to establish mine.

Today I was a bit slower. Finished in 44:32. It is still below 45min. If I carry on like that for next 2 days, I increase my distance with 10%. 6,6km a day :).