Question: Do thoughts have weight? As of today I start to believe that they do. Yesterday in my philosophical mood I emptied my mind writing BUSYNESS OF LIFE post. The consequences:

  • I felt much lighter, but not only in my mind but body too
  • And……. I run faster, much faster

I think that is enough to prove my thesis valid right? I see you are not fully convicted yet, so below are my results to prove it even further. Starting with day 1:

  1. 45:06 (140)
  2. 48:38 (132)
  3. 45:21 (137)
  4. 46:28 (138)
  5. 45:25 (137)
  6. 46:41 (138)
  7. 45:39 (139)
  8. 44:00 (139)

As I was writing in previous  posts, I run using MAF method, 6km every weekday. In the brackets I provided my heart beat. It is average, tought MAF is not about average but max. But it is just to show that I try to keep the effort on the same level. My heart rate is anyhow not that stable yet. It is oscillating between 130 and 150, but I try to keep it as close to 140 as I can.

So looks like thoughts do really have weight and you better have strong point if you want to prove me wrong. Otherwise make sure you empty yours before marathon 😜.