This is a second week of my 30habit for running and early waking up. Last week was challengeable, yet successful. This is also a second week of running this blog. Still try to find a right way for writing in here. Last week I was writing in 3 blocks format (Summary, Sleep, Run/Thoughts) but think I need to shift a bit into less journal style or at least make a bit less structured.  Let’s agree that I will write about sleep/waking up only if I fail there or will have some interesting challenge/observation.  So default is: I made it at 5:47. Let’s see how that goes.

I don’t run over weekends but I still committed to early waking up in my initial plan. Not at 5.47 as on the weekday when I run, but still quit early, at 7AM. Obviously that was total overcommitment for first week as on Saturday I hardly woke up at 10AM still being tired. But since I did made it on Sunday I will keep is as a goal. Meanwhile will listing to my body and adjust if needed.

So I run. Today I am slow and I feel it from the very beginning. But this time it is not my pain in legs dictating the pace but my MAF heart rate (140). I hope it is just some kind of deal between my heart and my legs, where the heart offered to pump my blood faster so that I run slower and save my legs from last week pain. They are scheming against me!

Anyway I have to honestly tell you that I did expect to run at least at the same pace as on Friday, so was bit surprised and disappointed to see myself running slower. Yes I know I am impatient I want results now! And I guess that’s why I very often give up to early. Here is what I found regarding MAF and base building at dailyburn: “Building your aerobic base takes time and discipline, anywhere from a month to a year or longer depending on your fitness“. “You see Andrzej people say it takes at least a month so, patience, patiance”. “No!!!, I want results now”. “But those things takes time”. “I don’t care, I want it faster, now”. Just to give a bit of snapshots of what’s happening in my brain now :). OK I wait, I wait right?! Was also thinking if I should increase the distance this week, but eventually decided not to. Will do it if I start saying the progress. If I start going regularly below 45min will then increase distance with 10%. I really hope it will happen latest next week. “Patience!”, “Shut up!” :). Finished in 46:41.