I have 2 kids, Zuzanna, 6 years old beauty, absolutely lovely and Maksymilian 3.5, oooo boy this little guy really knows what he wants :). Their favour question at this point is WHY and they can repeat that hundreds of time. Not that they always want to know the answer, rather they want see how much daddy can stand :).  So today I ask myself WHY, why did I started this waking up, running and blogging thing. And obviously will try to answer it.

Last week I managed to wake up every day as planned at 5:47 and run 6km. For me that was a great achievement. That made 30km all together.


Looking back I think the hardest was a decision, as first thought that came to my mind was: No, not again, you gonna fail anyway and foul yourself  again so what’s the point. It took me some time but I managed to shut this negative voice down and decided to try anyway. (ok not fully, this voice is still trying to have its way, but I am fighting against it).

So here is the short answer to why I started all of that:

I was on two weeks holidays enjoying time with my family. I don’t know if this is the case for you guys but when I am on holiday at some point I start to really analyse my life. And so I did this time. There were many thoughts going through my mind but definitely number one was complaining about myself for not being consistent with what I start. OK there is major excuse that I  always use which goes: my life is sooo busy raising 2 kids, and having challenging job that I have no time for anything else. Right yeah, I have two kids and challenging job. That was really my excuse, so pathetic isn’t it? I mean sure there is a lot to do, but if I think how much time I spend on useless activities , then I am going to be harsh to myself. Not that not running is pathetic, but excusing myself for not doing it because I don’t know how busy life, is. I need to face it. There is so many things that I always wanted to do, but obviously I couldn’t as I am the only one on earth having 2 kids and challenging job. And just to be fair I also did not do them when I had no kids and job was not that much of the challenge.


OK, enough being harsh on myself.

Being unsatisfied with that, I started to look for a help and found The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business book. I am still reading that. Not sure how much better that is then others books on habits as did not read a single one so far, but I quite like that one. It tells stories about people and does not have a self-help book style which I am personally not a fun of. So that was it, I decided to setup a habit for something that I always wanted to do and struggled the most with. And that is early/planned waking up and staying fit. I guess that is also the reason why I decided to run 5 days a week, as though that making it more frequent will help me to set so wanted habit quicker. How much true there is in this I have no clue. But after a week I see running surely helps me with waking up, as there with that I have a goal to wake up. So I think and hope that this pair might work quite good together.

So that’s it. Simple as that all I want at this point is to keep it going for 30 days. I called it my 30habit.  If waking up early and running is really going to be my habit after this 30 days or I need much more time I don’t know. In fact I don’t even know if something like running can be habitual, waking up early I guess yes, but running not that sure. Maybe it always requires a mind effort to force yourself to do it. Or maybe that goes easier over time. Obviously out there in blogging sphere and further there are some opinions and advices on that but I need to find it out for myself. So a this point this blog is going to be about it. Meaning, me documenting my efforts towards setting up my 30habit, along with my thoughts and observations if something like running habit even exists. Stay in touch if you are interested. Would also love to hear comments from you, to find out if such blog even makes sense.