I made it, I made it!!!

I am writing this with some delay. Life is still intense so don’t have that much time for blogging at the moment. But it does not mean I don’t have time for running! So yes I made it, I made it, I made it. On Monday I finished my last day of my 30 days commitment to running and early waking up. I was soooo extremely happy, I kept the word to myself. Continue reading “I made it, I made it!!!”

Running in Stäfa

As mentioned before one of my worries with regards to move to Stäfa was running. Actually there I had two worries on subject of running. First one was if I run, I already dealt with that in “I survived” post. Second was where would I run. Stäfa is a town versus my last place which was very rural. It was not a big worry, all in all I guess many of you run even in big cities. However used to more landscaping runnning that was a bit of strangle. Continue reading “Running in Stäfa”

I survived

So much things happened over last week that I don’t know where to start. Maybe will split that into sections:

Move: I am now in a new place, Stäfa, beautiful town at Zurich lake. Last week was a real challenge. Continue reading “I survived”

Week 3 starts

I have 2 weeks behind me. This week I increased my distance. I said that I would do it if I go regularly below 45min. Last 4 days I did, however, 2 our of 4 were really on the border, close to 45.  Well I did not say how much below I would go, so I run 6.6km today. Overall I feel good, but this week won’t be easy as I am moving out, starting from today. Will I make it? I have to! Continue reading “Week 3 starts”

Habits, habits everywhere

Second week of my commitment is about to finish. One day left. Today my toughts are on habits. I committed myself to 30 days of early waking up and running. Continue reading “Habits, habits everywhere”

Thoughts have weight, I am faster

Question: Do thoughts have weight? As of today I start to believe that they do. Yesterday in my philosophical mood I emptied my mind writing BUSYNESS OF LIFE post. The consequences:

  • I felt much lighter, but not only in my mind but body too
  • And……. I run faster, much faster

Continue reading “Thoughts have weight, I am faster”


I am rather practical guy that likes to see things done. Was never much into theories. At the same time my wife often calls me philosopher and I fully relate to that :). But being philosophical for me is also very practical, as in my philosophical speeches I give, I rather talk about observations, try to describe how things work and what are the underneath rules/lows that are effecting my daily life. So today being into philosophical mood here is what I figure out while running.

Continue reading “BUSYNESS OF LIFE”


This is a second week of my 30habit for running and early waking up. Last week was challengeable, yet successful. This is also a second week of running this blog. Still try to find a right way for writing in here. Last week I was writing in 3 blocks format (Summary, Sleep, Run/Thoughts) but think I need to shift a bit into less journal style or at least make a bit less structured.  Let’s agree that I will write about sleep/waking up only if I fail there or will have some interesting challenge/observation.  So default is: I made it at 5:47. Let’s see how that goes. Continue reading “WEEK 2, SLOWER”


I have 2 kids, Zuzanna, 6 years old beauty, absolutely lovely and Maksymilian 3.5, oooo boy this little guy really knows what he wants :). Their favour question at this point is WHY and they can repeat that hundreds of time. Not that they always want to know the answer, rather they want see how much daddy can stand :).  So today I ask myself WHY, why did I started this waking up, running and blogging thing. And obviously will try to answer it. Continue reading “WHY I STARTED”

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